Status of Recognized Non-AIFC Member

AIFC Business Connect Ltd. is pleased to announce that from now on, the status of Recognized Non-AIFC Member (RNAM) can be obtained through the AIFC Self-service Portal.

To start using the portal all you need is to follow these 4 steps:
1)  Open the Portal;
2)  Register on the portal using a valid email address, upon provision of necessary information, please verify your account by clicking the link sent to the provided email address;
3)  Login to the portal and click the «New application» button;
4)  Choose «Authorisation» in the menu and within it choose «Recognition Non-AIFC  Member (RNAM) application».

Once an application is ready (all sections will be colored in Green), you can submit it to AFSA via the Self-service portal. For the submission of an application you need to make an offline payment using the banking operator services and upload a payment confirmation to submit the application on the portal.

Recognition Non-AIFC Member application fee – $2000.

A successful application will result in the AFSA issuing you an order declaring a Person to be a Recognised Non-AIFC Member. Before making an order, the AFSA will need to be satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements for recognition in Section 91 of the AIFC Financial Services Framework Regulations.

Please feel free to contact us through the following email: [email protected].

For technical queries of AIFC Self-service Portal please contact us through the following email: [email protected] or send us a message in Live chat of AIFC Self-service Portal.

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