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Since its establishment in January 2020 AIFC Business Connect provides day-to-day diverse range of informational support services to address the needs of companies wishing to conduct financial business in the AIFC

AIFC Business Connect provides comprehensive informational guidance to companies that seek to obtain a license and carry out financial business in the AIFC

Our team offers potential and existing AIFC participants an informational support and shares its valuable experience with:

  • Guidance on license(s) required for the intended type of business activity
  • Preliminary assessment of eligibility of completed application forms, internal control and supporting documents
  • Recommendations on meeting minimal requirements imposed by the Regulator (Astana Financial Services Authority)

AIFC Business Connect provides informational support in relation to company registration and doing business in the AIFC, in particular:

  • Providing applicants with general information on AIFC
  • Introducing the AIFC Legal framework
  • Providing applicants with information on registration process, legal forms and general requirements
  • Providing general guidance on tax and legal issues

We provide AIFC participants with substantial information on procedures and obligations imposed on them in accordance with the AIFC law


AIFC Business Connect Ltd. aims to employ talented individuals to become part of the AIFC Business Connect ltd. family. We believe that coming from a diverse range of regulatory, financial, and other relevant backgrounds these individuals will contribute to the development of the AIFC and benefit from the professional environment of the Centre.
Whether you’re starting or continuing your career, explore how you can join our team

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Apply for your role with AIFC Business Connect Ltd. in the AIFC.
Business Connect offers excellent working conditions and highly competitive remuneration packages. Prospective applicants should forward their resumés to the HR Office at [email protected].

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