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About Business Connect

Business Connect is the informational gateway for all your business setting up needs.
Our team of professionals offers tailored support services to help you establish
a successful presence in the Astana International Financial Centre

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Enlightening the opportunities that open up in the AIFC jurisdiction
Our primary mission is to help local and international business discover the opportunities of the AIFC jurisdiction. We offer them personalised information on all the advantages that each investing and structuring opportunity has to offer.

Our purpose

Striving to make client journey smooth
Our ambition is to offer support ensuring that the journey in building the business in the AIFC is as smooth and seamless as possible, with every step of the process clear and straightforward.

Empowering growth & diversity of the AIFC eco-system
Since the establishment in 2020 we attract and support not only financial business but also consulting companies, as we clearly understand how important it is for businesses to have access to quality services.

Our services

We provide information a business needs
Our team provides guidance for financial business companies that want to set up in the AIFC. We understand that starting a business can be overwhelming, so we make sure to provide all the necessary information to ensure success.

What we do

We help navigate through the authorisation process
We have a lot of experience in the field and are dedicated to helping AIFC Participants succeed. With us, an applicant can be sure of getting accurate and up-to-date information on authorisation procedures and applicable requirements.

We share our valuable experience
Cooperating closely with professional services industry we strive to ensure that authorised consultants are equipped with all the necessary knowledge to successfully conduct business and support AIFC Participants in core aspects of their business.

Management Team

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Who we search for

AIFC Business Connect Ltd. aims to employ talented individuals to become part of the AIFC Business Connect ltd. family. We believe that coming from a diverse range of regulatory, financial, and other relevant backgrounds these individuals will contribute to the development of the AIFC and benefit from the professional environment of the Centre. Whether you’re starting or continuing your career, explore how you can join our team

Job opportunities

Apply for your role with AIFC Business Connect Ltd. in the AIFC Business Connect offers excellent working conditions and highly competitive remuneration packages. Prospective applicants should forward their resumés to the HR Office at [email protected]

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