«Investment Opportunities of Central Asia and the Caucasus» panel session was held during Astana Finance Days 2021

As part of the annual Astana Finance Days conference, organised by the Astana International Financial Centre, a panel session “Investment Opportunities of Central Asia and the Caucasus” was held on July 3, 2021.

In the modern world, the availability of significant financial resources, and the relative scarcity of attractive investment projects, increase attention towards the markets of developing countries. In particular, the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, experiencing increasing interest from the investment community, create many favourable conditions for investment.

The central theme of this year’s online Astana Finance Days 2021 conference was: “Restoring Growth”. During the panel session, the most promising vectors of development of the economies of Central Asia and the Caucasus, state support measures and a new tool of promotion of investment opportunities of the region – was introduced. Investment platform ( brings together sell and buy-side of the region aiming to enhance the investment climate of the region.

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AIFC Business Connect Ltd. A subsidiary of the AIFC Authority that has one of the key functions in the AIFC ecosystem, which is to identify, engage and attract international capital to the key sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asian region. AIFC Business Connect provides the necessary registration and post-registration support; and as its core competence, the company is engaged in sourcing and structuring deals and projects via de-risking measures through identifying real bankable projects to achieve continuous sustainable growth and creation of value.

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