«AIFC Participant Support Forum» was held during the Astana Finance Days 2021

AIFC Participant Support Forum was held in online format within the framework of the annual conference “Astana Finance Days 2021” organized by the International Financial Centre “Astana”.

The forum brought together current and potential AIFC participants to discuss the incorporation of a business in full compliance with its obligations, ensuring that the company acts in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and best business practices. Participants of the event emphasized the importance of certain actions that a company must take after registration in terms of renting office space, registering for taxes, licensing the business, and staffing.

During the session, speakers discussed operational issues that arise after the creation of a business, the main categories of each type of shares in accordance with the AIFC Rules and Regulations, corporate services, AIFC employment regulation, and the comparisons between the employment standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the AIFC.

The opening remarks were given to Aslan Kokayev, Director of Participant Support Department of AIFC Business Connect. On behalf of the AIFC, senior managers Asem Akhanova and Asel Assavbaeva, as well as project manager of AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development Dilda Ismailova, also spoke at the panel session. Furthermore, the session hosted two more speakers, one of them being the founder of Outsource Director Ltd., Azat Otepbay, and the other guest speaker was the CEO of Muratov Law Firm Ltd., Ainur Akhmetova.

“People have power! It is all about your attitude! To build great business in such an innovative amplitude you’d better know how to manage people like managing innovations. AIFC Employment Regulations are leanest possibles set of rules, that do not hamper speed and agility”, – said Ainur Akhmetova, the CEO of Muratov Law Firm Ltd.

Senior manager of Participant Support Department of AIFC Business Connect, Assem Akhanova, noted that: “Starting a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you’ll ever do, but it goes far beyond of incorporation. Having e-Residence portal, the registration process becomes simpler than you might have imagined but when it comes to compliance, don’t take chances and make sure to keep up to date with local laws and legislation”. 

Reference information:

AIFC. The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) was established on the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The Constitutional Law “On the AIFC” was signed on December 7, 2015. The goal of the AIFC is to form a leading centre for financial services to an international standard. The objectives of the AIFC are to assist in attracting investment in the country’s economy, create an attractive environment for investment in financial services, develop the securities market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ensure its integration with international capital markets.

AIFC Business Connect Ltd. A subsidiary of the AIFC Authority that has one of the key functions in the AIFC ecosystem, which is to identify, engage and attract international capital to the key sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asian region. AIFC Business Connect provides the necessary registration and post-registration support; and as its core competence, the company is engaged in sourcing and structuring deals and projects via de-risking measures through identifying real bankable projects to achieve continuous sustainable growth and creation of value.

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