About Kazakhstan

Over the years the country has gained a reputation for being a highly attractive investment destination. Kazakhstan’s unique central location provides numerous benefits by interconnecting businesses across continents via land and air. Furthermore, Kazakhstan’s rich reserves of natural resources, such as oil and gas, accelerate the country’s economic growth. A combination of political stability and an effective strategic direction taken by the country creates a range of opportunities and space for the further development of the state. Kazakhstan, in contrast to neighbouring countries, is demonstrating positive results vis-à-vis an improving investment climate within the country. During almost 30 years of independence Kazakhstan has continually made significant progress in its market economy, and seen considerable improvements in attracting foreign investment. The country remains the second-largest recipient of FDI in the region and the largest in Central Asia. Since achieving independence, Kazakhstan has continued to forge strong ties with developed economies around the globe.

Investment Opportunities

Kazakhstan is actively working to improve the investment environment in the region, with a variety of comprehensive initiatives being implemented. In order to incorporate various investment activities, the country has established an innovative legal framework. The investor registration process has been improved, with changes in tax regime, as well as a multi-layered infrastructure for investor support. Kazakhstan’s top FDI contributors in 2020 included the Netherlands (30% contribution), China (6%), the US (to 13%), Switzerland (up to 10%), and lastly Russia and the UK (7% and 5%, respectively).