Talented reserve Pool

13 000 AIFC Reserve Pool members possess the essential set of knowledge, skills, and abilities required for any proficient work opportunities whether it’s domestic or foreign markets. The process of providing services is accelerated owing to the AIFC Reserve Pool, each candidate of which is ready for employment and meets international standards.

Bureau for Continuing Professional Development (BCPD ) provides international professional certification preparatory courses and implements the best international practices to develop human capital and create a pool of local professionals with international recognition for the AIFC ecosystem and beyond.

BCPD has made a great contribution to the development and formation of a new educational industry and EdTech landscape in Kazakhstan, also training more than 8,000 professionals ready to take on new roles and adapt to an ever-changing environment. BCPD has helped many companies/start-ups and launched joint courses and initiatives, such as Nobel Fest, Quantum STEM school, Astana IT University, the Cosmos project, Talantiz, Geometry.