AIFC Participants have to send share pledge agreement to the Security Registrar ([email protected]) and make payment of fees in accordance with AIFC Security Rules (Schedule 1)

No, AFSA does not monitor the participant’s contract. It is only required to register Share Pledge Agreement.

No, the Contracts with third parties (clients, suppliers, partners) can be concluded in any language, but they must be provided in English or certified and translated into English in case of litigation in AIFC Court.

No, the employee contracts are operational documents and mustn’t be registered in AFSA. It is recommended to register employee contracts in The Single Accounting System for Employment Agreements (ЕСУТД). Employee Contracts are drawn up in accordance with AIFC Employment Rules for all AIFC Participants. All other Civil Contracts must be compiled in accordance with AIFC Contract Regulations.

No, all supporting documents must be in the English language or accompanied by an appropriate translation certified to the satisfaction of the Registrar of Companies.

Constitutional Statute of the RoK on the AIFC, Article 15.Language of the AIFC.

AIFC participants may open a bank account in any bank. The requirements are defined by the selected bank.

EDS can be obtained online at or by visiting a community service centre (ЦОН) near you.

Please find the list of Ancillary Service Providers (with their contacts) on the – Ancillary Service Providers.

An administrative inquiry includes the:

1) Request for extract of shareholders’ registry

2) Request for extract of directors’ registry

3) Request for extract of Ultimate Beneficial Owners registry

4) Request for extract from Public Register

No, participants must receive information about changes to the AIFC Rules and Regulations by themselves on the website: (legal framework – public consultations – Afsa)

Website: (legal framework – public consultations – Afsa)

Yes. If a company changes its office location, then it must undergo a post-registration procedure: change of registered address. A company may change the address of its registered office by giving notice to the Registrar. The change takes effect upon the notice being registered by the Registrar. There is an associated fee of 50 USD.

AIFC Companies Regulations, Section 24 (3-1).Registered office.

Fees Rules, Schedule 5-1: Administrative service fees payable to the Registrar of companies.

7000 tg for 1 sq.m.

You may contact AIFC Property ([email protected]) to make a sight inspection of coworking zones and offices.