Chief Executive Officer must be a natural person who has an Individual Identification Number (IIN).

The concept of a coworking zone has been established as a response to market demand and helps to overcome the operational challenges of our valuable participants. AIFC offers a coworking zone as a legal address.

Upon registration process (once a company obtains BIN), a company has to sign a sublease agreement, which is put in place for contract terms and conditions between the “Lessor” (AIFC Authority JSC) and the “Party” (a prospect). A process of obtaining a legal address is issued in turn, as follows:

  1. A company completes a form for allocation at a coworking zone and sends it along with a certificate of incorporation to us, the ABC Participant Support Department;
  2. ABC Participant Support Department signs it and passes it over to AIFC Property Department;
  3. AIFC Property Department sends a commercial proposal to a representative of a company;
  4. AIFC Property Department sends a signed and approved sublease agreement to a company;
  5. Once both sides sign a sublease agreement, a company keeps one copy for their own relevant purposes.

It is the sole responsibility of a company to have a registered office within the AIFC territory upon the expiration of a sublease agreement.

AIFC Companies Regulations, Section 24. Registered office.

A legal address is valid for the duration of a sublease agreement and a company shall be solely responsible for allocation within the AIFC territory upon expiration of a sublease agreement and a legal address.

AIFC Companies Regulations, Section 24(1). Registered Address

The Centre can accommodate a broad range of activities outside the ones that are described as Regulated, Ancillary or Market Activities. Currently, there is a range of non-financial services firms and holding companies which have been registered by the AFSA as Centre Participants.