Change of CEO

An entity must, within the period of 14 days from a person becoming a CEO, give notice to the Registrar of the change and of the date on which it occurred. Relevant forms are required to be completed and filed with Office of the Registrar in order to register the proposed changes in Ministry of Justice, so updated information will be reflected in eGov system.

  1. Notification of actualization of information;
  2. AIFC Notification of Change in Registered Details;
  3. Shareholder Ordinary Resolution on Appointment and Removal of a Director/CEO
  4. Copy of passport/ ID (please note that CEO must have Kazakhstani IIN)
  5. Payment confirmation

*Please be informed that Director, Authorised Signatory and CEO are considered as different positions. Director and Authorised Signatory are reflected on Public Register only, while CEO is reflected in the National Database (e.g. eGov).

Please download request for invoice and send it to post-registration@afsa kz to obtain an invoice.

Highly advised to get familiar with post-registration procedures, where the guide on filling obligations and all forms are posted.

Please note that there is no specified time frame on how long it will take to finalise a post-registration procedure. The process might be expedited or delayed due to various factors.

Examples are drafted to support participants while completing post-registration applications and only refers to the procedures that need to be filed with the Registrar of Companies