Each applicant will be required to submit documentation evidencing the internal control systems that will govern the affairs of the applicant as part of the authorisation process. The guidelines below are an indication of AFSA’s minimum expectations and do not constitute an exhaustive list of requirements that might be applicable to the firm’s business:

AFSA has adopted a Guide on Authorisation process and a Guide on setting up an investment funds in AIFC. Both documents provide guidance on authorisation process and are aimed at enhancing understanding on the matters AFSA takes into consideration during authorisation of Person, including on fund management:

To see full list of guides on AFSA website, please follow here.

You may need the advice/support of qualified legal and business consultants. For your convenience, the AIFC participants (registered companies) provide services to support the authorization and registration processes for interested parties. On the e-Residence portal, the function “Search for an Ancillary Service Provider” has been implemented, which provides detailed information about companies and their contact details.

Additionally, you may see the full list of Ancillary Service Providers in AIFC here.