AIFC created a favorable ecosystem through its regulation by practicing a special legal regime based on the principles of English common law. The Centre has established an independent regulator, AFSA, which was modeled on the FCA. Astana International Exchange uses its market rules based on the UKLA and DIFC models.

List of licenses:

  • Dealing in Investments as Agent license Dealing in Investment as Agent means buying, selling, subscribing for or underwriting any Investment as agent. (GEN Rules)

Acting as an agent of brokerage services, that have access to AIX or other exchanges. It includes underwriting, buying, selling, subscribing etc.

  • Recognized Non-AIFC member (RNAM).

A Person located in a jurisdiction other than the AIFC may apply to AFSA for an order declaring it to be a Recognised Non-AIFC Member. Recognition will enable financial market infrastructures (trading platforms and clearing and settlement institutions) and qualified potential market participants (brokers) to be recognised to carry out their activities in the AIFC without having to establish a physical presence in the AIFC.