AKHMETOVA Law Firm Limited

About us

AKHMETOVA Law Firm Limited was founded in 2014. We are committed to be reliable legal partner for business that meets current market trends

Company Hilights

The company has successful experience within AIFC jurisdiction such as registering and authorizing companies and in other jurisdictions (Kazakhstan, Turkey, EU and etc.)

Key persons

Ainur Akhmetova

Chief Executive Officer

Darkhat Togyzbayev


Aibek Kabyshev


Aliya Tulebaeva

Junior Associate


  • Corporate Law/Legal Audit
    • Full support of mergers and acquisitions
    • Legal audit
    • Corporate consulting
  • Support within AIFC
    • Assistance of the State Registration of Legal Entities with AIFC
    • Licensing Application for an implementation of activities
    • Accreditation of establishments within AIFC
  • Islamic financing
    • Legal advice on Islamic finance
    • Managing clients using Islamic finance
    • Opening of investment boutique of Islamic finance

Contact information